Meeting Info

The Leading Edge meets every Friday morning except for the observation of certain holidays throughout the year.

Punctuality is critical for the effectiveness of our meetings and to respect the time of other members and their guests. Everyone is encouraged to arrive early.

Meetings begin at 8:00 AM promptly and usually conclude by 9:15 AM.

Meeting place:

COVID 19 – (2021 update – meetings will be held via ZOOM until further notice)
Interested Guests…please speak to a current member to get ZOOM meeting information and login credentials.


The meeting starts promptly at 8:00 am and generally concludes by 9:15 am.

Pass Business Cards
Leading Edge Business
10-minute Member presentation
90 Second pitch
Referral Round
Community Announcements


  • Members are encouraged to invite guests who have businesses in industries not currently represented in the group to our regular meetings, except those occurring on the first Friday of the month. If a member thinks that a potential guest may be in the same business category as another current member, it is the responsibility of the inviting member to ask the other current member if indeed there is a conflict before inviting the guest. It is also the responsibility of the inviting member to inform the guest of the exclusivity of the Leading Edge regarding business categories and membership in other business referral groups.
  • Any issues related to unique business categories will be settled by the Membership Committee.