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About Us

The Leading Edge is an independent referral group that is not affiliated with any other business development organization. Founded in 2002, we have refined our policies and practices to optimize the benefits for our members while maintaining reasonable membership dues. Being independent, all funds collected from members are applied to operating expenses, including meeting space rental, so that our members do not incur any additional costs through the year.

Dues for membership in the Leading Edge are only $240 per year! This is all that members pay as it is all-inclusive. There are no other charges.

As a part of our commitment to the community, we periodically donate funds to local non-profit charitable organizations as our way of giving back.
Additionally, our members often support these organizations in other ways individually as volunteers, sponsors, or advertising.

We are:

  • an independent industry-exclusive group and supportive membership where our members benefit from the sharing of marketing and educational experiences that can apply to all businesses;
  • focused on maintaining a value-oriented structured referral environment where our members interact efficiently and productively;
  • holding weekly professional meetings to enable the development of long-term, meaningful relationships, which generate qualified personal referrals;
  • actively helping members to maximize their exposure to the many businesses and individuals in the Williamsburg community, and beyond.
  • practical by adhering to long-established and proven principles and practices;
  • self-governing because we only answer to ourselves;
  • an association of local business professionals dedicated to principles of honesty, fairness, and customer service in their business dealings;
  • community-oriented by giving back to worthwhile organizations that are valuable to the Williamsburg community that we support and which support our organization;

We are not:

  • obligated to support a parent organization by charging members excessive membership dues;
  • encouraged to make referrals that may not be qualified merely for the purpose of meeting referral quotas;
  • committed to needless self–congratulatory ceremonies;
  • accustomed to making pretentious representations that are not supported by fact or reality.

Meaningful personal interactions among group members ensure that member referrals result in satisfaction for customers and clients, alike!

If you work in an industry not represented in the Leading Edge and are interested in becoming part of this dynamic group that will help you increase your company’s sales, contact one of our members to check out The Leading Edge!



Charities Supported

  • Avalon
  • Blooms That Brighten
  • Here for the Girls
  • Heritage Humane Society
  • Hospice House
  • Kiwanis – Toano Chapter
  • The American Red Cross
  • Virginia Equine Services
  • Rotary Club of the Historic Triangle