As an industry-exclusive referral group, we have listed below industries that are represented by our members. If you do not see your industry listed here, and are interested in becomming a member of The Leading Edge, please contact us.

For membership consideration and/or to visit The Leading Edge as a guest please email or call Stephen Rosen, our Membership Committee leader, at (757)565-4451.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.

Leading Edge Member
Banking: Residential and Commercial
Bathroom Remodeling / Renovation
Breast Cancer Support & Education
Financial Planning Services
Heating & Cooling & Electrical
Insurance: Commercial, Auto, Home & Life
Insurance: Health
Payroll Service
Real Estate: Residential
Tax Accounting & Bookkeeping
Travel Services

Member Industries
Business Quotes
Advertising is of the very essence of democracy. An election goes on every minute of the business day across the counters of hundreds of thousands of stores and shops where the customers state their preferences and determine which manufacturer and which product shall be the leader today, and which shall lead tomorrow.
Bruce Barton, Chairman of BBDO
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